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Loan or credit application denied? Many working Australians have black marks on their credit file, lowering their credit rating and preventing them from obtaining finance.

Repair My Credit Now are experts at removing these marks to fix your credit rating and help you access the essential financing you need. To ensure success, you need an experienced credit file repairer in your corner.


Repair My Credit Now will assign you a personal credit repair expert to research and understand your situation, and advocate on your behalf.


Our experts fix your credit record, helping you access finance and potentially lowering your interest rates – saving you thousands.


We have helped thousands of Australians with their credit record. For dependability and service, choose Repair My Credit Now.
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These days it is increasingly difficult to get a normal loan at a reasonable interest rate, or any type of credit, without a completely clear credit file. Learn more…

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Our financial advocates have a passion for credit history repair so we leave no stone unturned towards achieving the best outcome for you. Learn more…

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If we are not successful in getting the listing removed and your credit file cleared, you receive a 100% refund of your step 2 fees!
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The quicker we get started on your case the faster you will have your credit file corrected and your loan approved.
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Success Stories

We have succeeded in removing over 3,000 default and judgment listings from credit files, helping our clients gain approval for loans and credit cards.

I was endlessly searching for the best way to find amendments to my credit file. Repair my credit now were the most human and reasonable to speak with initially, because of the simple explanation of their process and no pushy arguments only factual comments to help me make my decision. After explaining my situation and what i was after, they gave a %75 chance of success which i thought is honest and reasonable for me to make a choice. Anything i did not understand i was quick to ask Repair My Credit Now, and i was answered with transparency and diligence before anything was moved on. This field of work can be nasty with many sharks looking for prey! I found repair my credit now to be a island of sanctuary, to feel safe and confident all the way through. Overall i had 1 listing removed and now i am able to move my financial life forward. Thank you Repair my credit now, shouts out to Carmel and Laura, you guys are awesome!

We were in dispute for one of the defaults which was not legitimate and thanks to Repair my credit their professionalism and resolving it in a timely manner!!!
I highly recommend them.

A Great Success

A short note to you re the current service – which is excellent! Your team has had a purple patch with my clients so far this year with a 100% success rate! I’ll have to try to get some more difficult ones to really test them! I acknowledge that not all matters will be able to be solved but so far so good and it has enabled me to put all of these clients into “primo” loan products.

I cannot begin to express my eternal gratitude to the individual’s from this amazing organisation! In a time where all seemed dreary and uncertain, you provided hope and clarity. Since dealing with you, I am now on the path of purchasing my first dream investment property! All this made possible because of the ongoing and unwavering assistance from your credit repair team. I commend the exceptional service and friendly team for all their efforts and ongoing support!

Words cannot express our gratitude for removing my husband’s 2 Telstra/ACM defaults. To the case manager, thank you for your dedication and hard work to resolve this matter, you are awesome. Also your BDM for answering my many questions and constant communication with this matter, your professionalism is outstanding. And a big thank you to all the other employees who dealt with our file.

I had 2 court judgements for my local council. You have cleared them for me and kept me informed every step of the way. Thank you.