Tears welled up in my eyes when you told me the news. You’ll have to come to my butcher’s shop so I can fill your car with meat


Just wanted to say a BIG thank-you for the service you have done for me and my business, a clean credit file is a BIG must have for any small business to provide flexibility and quick access to funding as required, for almost all opportunities to proceed. Will not...


Dear Tim, Wendy & any other Repair My Credit Now staff member that was involved in this case, I would like to extend my greatest thanks for all your efforts in helping me reduce my debt from $89350 to $65000! This is truly a FANTASTIC result & I am extremely...


This is fantastic, thank you for your time and efforts in achieving this result. I was a renter looking at having to spend my savings on a nearly 10 year old debt from my previous marriage. Now I am about to be a home owner (mortgage owner) :)”


Here’s the pic of the house we’ve now been able to purchase. Thanks again for your work and the results! Kind regards, Kat