downloadThere are 7 easy steps to get your loan approved if you have been denied finance recently. Follow these steps for success:

  1. Get copies of your Equifax (formerly, Veda) and Dun & Bradstreet credit files.
  2. Get an expert assessment of them so you know everything that needs to be fixed to get approved
  3. Fix any simple problems yourself. For example, if your name, date of birth or driver’s licence are incorrect, contact the credit reporting agency and have these details corrected.
  4. Engage a credit repair specialist to fix serious impairments, like defaults, or court actions. These have the biggest impact on your ability to get credit.
  5. Provide information promptly when the credit repair company working on your case asks for it. This will ensure fast, effective credit repair.
  6. Once your credit repair is completed, get copies of your Equifax (formerly, Veda) and Dun & Bradstreet credit files to ensure your credit file is clear before applying for finance again.
  7. Apply for credit to a low risk lender to get back in the financial game.

Steps 1 2,4, and 6 are included in our credit repair service fees. Once we have finished our work you will be ready to have your loan approved.