images (1)An enquiry listing is created on your credit file every time you apply for credit.

These listings stay on your file for 5 years. It’s a great thing to have an active credit file that shows you are applying for credit from time to time. However, if you make too many applications for credit this indicates to credit providers that you are shopping around for loans. More than five enquiries in a year will be a red flag to credit providers and will negatively impact your ability to get finance.

The type of lenders you are applying to also has an impact. If you are constantly applying to unsecured lenders or payday lenders, that type of enquiry listing will further reduce your score.

We can help remove enquiry listings in two circumstances.

1. Fraudulent enquiries 

By fraudulent I mean, you did not apply for the credit that now appears in the enquiry section of your credit file. You did not sign or tick a box that your credit file could be accessed. In cases such as these we can assist.

2. Duplicate enquiries

By duplicate, I mean that there are two identical enquiries made by the same lender on the same day, or within a few days of each other.

If you have a copy of your credit file I can assess it for you. Please call for confidential assistance on 1300 306 811 or 0425 322 972.