There are so many instances where people get emotionally attached to a property, and may even sign a contract and pay a deposit, before checking their important credit files.

Then the day arrives to organise finance, and you are sitting across from your mortgage broker, or completing an online application form, and the bad news comes.

You have a problem with your credit file that will stop you being approved. At this point you have already damaged your credit file because every loan application to submit, that is subsequently rejected, will lower your credit score.

So next time you apply it will be that but harder to be approved.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to check both your important credit files before putting in a loan application, signing a contract, or paying a deposit!

We offer an assessment service of both your credit files (including copies of them) for $150, because once you get your credit files, you may not know what the information means in relation to being approved.

You can sign up here to this service and we will have your assessment and credit files to you within 1 business day. It’s a sensible choice.