I am often asked how do you repair my Credit File?

It’s a great question. The way we do it is that we have made it our business to research all the legislation and law, rules and codes that govern credit reporting. So we can spot, when we get a new case, where the law has been broken, and what angle we will purse to clear your file. The advocates that work on your case have over five years experience applying the law and legislation to your case and this deep experience means our success rate in erasing negative listings from your credit file is better than 80%.

downloadAnother question I am often asked is – Why can’t I fix my file myself? Another great question. The reason it is best to have an expert credit repairer in your corner is that we have long relationships with credit providers Australia wide and they know how hard we will fight to get your file cleared. This combined with our knowledge of the law and legislation ensures the best and quickest result for you.

In addition, if you fight the case yourself, and take it to an Ombudsman service, you only get one chance to prove your case. Once you have been to the Ombudsman and failed there is nothing more that can be done, except taking the credit provider to court. This is often not a possibility as credit providers have huge resources to throw into any court case you bring against them.

As we understand the Ombudsman’s rules and processes, and the law and legislation that applies to your case, it is best for us to use this expertise to get the best outcome for you. If your goal is to have a loan approved, our process is the most cost effective way to achieve that result.