When you go for any type of finance, with any kind of negative listing on your credit file there are two options. Number one, you cannot obtain the finance you want until the listing has run its course, which could take up to 5 years. Number two, you can obtain the finance but only through a second-tier lender, with higher upfront application fees and ongoing interest charges.

It’s no surprise how much of an impact effective credit repair can have on your credit file. Credit repair can completely change someone’s life. In one moment, someone is looking down the barrel of renting for another 3-5 years, investing their hard-earned money into paying off someone else’s mortgage. In the next moment, they are applying for their own home loan for their own home, with the financial institution of their choice, at a great interest rate and then moving into or building their dream home.

The biggest win of efficient credit repair companies is putting more money back into the hands of the people who earn it from working in jobs or business’ and out of the hands of the banks. Credit Repair provides a way for people to stop having to pay interest rates that are 2-3% higher than the going rate. What they do with these savings, is completely up to them (holiday in Fiji, anyone?).

Credit Repair also saves people a lot in application fees. If you really want that loan, but you’ve got a credit file issue, your only option is to go to second-tier lenders. These lenders charge $5,000+ in upfront application fees. So, it’s really a question of: what would you do with $10,000-$15,000 extra every year? What impact would an extra $1,000 per month have on your family’s situation? I’m sure we can think of a few things that are more thrilling that paying the bank.

Another side effect of effective credit repair is that you get your credit and finance reputation back. Look, we know how common these listings are, and we don’t feel anyone deserves to feel guilty or ashamed for having marks on their credit file. However, it’s very common that people feel they deserve it and how bad they feel about having a ‘dirty little secret’ lurking behind the scenes. Some people feel segregated from society and like they are not good people because of what’s on their credit file. This could not be further from the truth but until the credit file reflects that, it’s hard for people to acknowledge this. Many listings, 83% of the ones we work on, are placed incorrectly. Therefore, people are feeling bad for something they didn’t even cause, a mistake made by a credit provider.


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