Have you ever heard the term, nothing in life is free? The reason why this is such a well-known concept is that it’s true. Not paying for a service that adds value to you sends a confusing message. It gives the feeling that you do not value the service or the potential outcome in the same way that paying for it does. Therefore, the result of paying something upfront versus not paying something upfront could be very different.

For some reason, when it comes to credit repair, a lot of people think they should not have to pay for the service until it’s removed. This truly baffles me, for a number of reasons.

I am typically very suspicious of anyone who offers me anything for free, it always feels like there is some kind of catch. For example, when you open the door to an energy or telecommunications sales person who promises to do a comparison of your plan and 45 minutes later they’re still in your living room asking you to sign on the dotted line to change to their service. Or when you’re on the streets of a foreign country and there are people coming up to you left, right and centre sharing a ‘free gift’ with you. Next minute you’ve looked at the person too long and you’re in the middle of a sale you never asked for (I am the one that runs a mile before it gets to that point).

It is the exact same with Credit Repair. Why should anyone have to work for free to investigate a default listing that has been placed on your credit file? What guarantee do you have that the company you are trusting with your credit file and privacy, will do what they say they’re going to do, and in a timely way? What incentive is there for the company to work on cases that may be more challenging? At the end of the day, do you want to get your credit file cleared of black marks, or do you want to get the service for free?

Paying for credit repair as you go through the process ensures that everyone who is doing the work is invested in clearing your credit file as quickly as possible. It ensures there is an incentive for someone to do the work well and follow every potential avenue. It allows for more challenging cases to be taken on; cases that involve a little more fight than others, but that still need to be removed. When in doubt, make sure you pay something upfront for credit repair to ensure you get the best service available.


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