So, you’ve heard about Credit Repair? It’s taking the finance industry by storm. Where once people would have been unable to move forward financially for up to 7 years, people are now in a position to have their default listings checked for validity and removed prematurely from their credit file.

As with everything, you get what you pay for when it comes to credit repair. Some companies will not charge you up front, others will, some will charge you very little and others will charge you more. There are some companies that compete on price and there are others that compete on quality and actually doing the work. Make sure you pick a company that will compete on quality, value for money, customer service and investigation experience.

When you get started all your credit files will be checked for default and judgment listings so that we know exactly what your situation is. We then get to work on getting your listings cleared. A thorough, in-depth investigation is carried out on all of the default or judgment listings you’ve asked us to work on. They will be checked for accuracy and validity against the most up to date credit reporting legislation and codes. Everything will be scrutinised from when you opened the account, to when you were default listed. Your story will be checked against the company’s story. If there is any error in the process that the company has made, whether you have paid the debt, or not, the default listing will be deemed invalid and must be immediately removed from your credit file.

Credit Repair companies hold creditors accountable. Have you ever spoken to a credit provider and they’ve made promises to you, only to not follow through? This never happens with the work we do. If something needs to change on your credit file, we will hold these credit providers to their obligations until they do what they are required to do.

Time frames for credit repair vary. Some listings will come off within days, while others will take much longer. On average, you can expect a good credit repair company to have listings removed within 6-8 weeks. It is not always up to the credit repair company as to how long it will take for removals to take place. Credit repair companies need to give the credit providers time to respond to their requests for information and time to do adequate investigations into exactly what went wrong in their process’.


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