download (8)When you are rejected for finance you usually think you have three options.

  1. Keep applying with different lenders in the hope you will be approved by another credit provider.
  2. Find out why your are being rejected.
  3. Bury your head in the sand.

Finding out why you are being rejected is the best course of action but how do you find out the reasons why? The credit provider will not tell you. They will just say there say problem with your credit file. At this point usually people jump online to get a free credit score but this won’t tell you a thing. A free credit score will give you a number but won’t tell you what information was used to create that number.

So if your credit score is low, you still won’t know what has created the problem or what to do about it.

This is where our service can help. We take you through the entire process from being rejected to being approved for finance. This is what we provide to you:

  1. A copy of your up to date Equifax (formerly, Veda) comprehensive credit file
  2. A copy of your up to date Dun & Bradstreet comprehensive credit file
  3. An assessment of both credit files
  4. Advice on what needs to be fixed on your credit files
  5. A credit repair service that erases information that is making your credit applications fail

Every day we have clients who couldn’t get a home loan and now they can. Or needed a car for work but were rejected and are now approved. We have thousands of success stories.

Let us help you be our next success story. Call 1300 306 811 today and my team will get you approved.