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Our aim is to get you into a better financial position.

We know the impact of having a black mark on a credit file because every day we help people get back on the road again.  The advocacy team at Repair My Credit Now is passionate about credit history repair and will fight for you using our knowledge of how the system should work and our experience in dealing with the companies who blacklisted you.

Repair My Credit Now was established to assist clients who are not able to get finance or get the best interest rate because of black marks on their credit files.

Repair My Credit Now is accepted as the most reliable and professional credit repair company available. We work with clients who are referred by some of the largest brokerages in Australia. Many of the top 100 finance brokers use and recommend Repair My Credit Now because of the results we have achieved for their clients.

Repair My Credit Now is recognised as a company that will do all that they can for their clients – and our fees are some of the best available.


Repair My Credit Now has been directly responsible for the removal of over 3000 adverse listings from our client’s credit files which came from companies in the telecommunications, utility and credit card industries, as well as banks, trade and government organisations.


They now have thousands of satisfied clients who have been able to obtain finance for houses, investment properties, cars, boats and holidays without having to wait for between 5 and 7 years for their credit file to be cleared automatically.

How do we do it?

How do we do it?

  1. We understand how the system of adding a black mark to your file should work.

  2. We carefully assess each black mark and associated creditor on your file.

  3. Your case is managed by an expert from beginning to end – someone who is keen to put your case and argue on your behalf.

  4. We verify that all processes have been correctly followed using the relevant legislation and consumer codes.

  5. We take decisive action and negotiate for you to confirm that the processes and procedures have been followed.

  6. In 80% of cases we work on we get a default or judgment removed.