Full Credit Repair*

(10 customer reviews)

$250.00 / week for 6 weeks




*For 1 credit problem to resolve, the fee is $1500, payable in 6 equal installments of $250 per week.

For more than one problem, the initial fee is $250.  A quote for resolution will be provided for the balance of fees.

10 reviews for Full Credit Repair*

  1. Craig

    Thanks for the help Repair My Credit Now! Awesome job and happened faster than I thought it would.

  2. Don

    you guys have saved us thousands and have completely changed our lives.

  3. Brett

    Having a clean credit file has lifted a massive weight from our shoulders. We can now move on with our life at our own pace. Thank you Reapir My Credit Now for freeing us from the chains of my bad credit file.

  4. Luke

    A big thank you to you and your team!! Both Anja and her husband have called me earlier today separately and were over the moon about your news!!
    They will be seeing me in 2 weeks time to finalise their pre-approval for $650k which would never have been possible 2 months ago when we became aware of Anja’s credit history blemish. This is a definite value add to my business in more ways than just $$$.
    Thanks again and I’m sure you will hear from more of my clients soon… I’ve already sent on a few already so fingers crossed they work out as well.
    Catch up soon!

  5. Amy

    To the amazing team at Repair My Credit Now,
    I cannot begin to express my eternal gratitude to the individual’s from this amazing organisation! In a time where all seemed dreary and uncertain, Princeville provided hope and clarity. Since dealing with Princeville, I am now on the path of purchasing my first dream investment property! All this made possible because of the ongoing and unwavering assistance from Princeville. I commend the exceptional service and friendly team at Princeville for all their efforts and ongoing support!

  6. Annie

    This is fantastic, thank you for your time and efforts in achieving this result. I was a renter looking at having to spend my savings on a nearly 10 year old debt from my previous marriage. Now I am about to be a home owner (mortgage owner) 🙂

  7. Martin Clementson

    Our family member called me to say that NAB has approved their Consolidation Loan. This is such a great improvement in life for their family, reducing monthly payments by around 60% each month. We are so thankful for the help of your company, and it certainly has decreased the worry and concern of all of us.

  8. Adrian

    I am very happy with the outcome, I now have pre-approval for $420k and I’m now searching for my second home.
    Houses are expected to rise 20% this year so if I purchase a house for $400k that’s a potential to make $80k capital growth in the first year. It was well worth the $1500 to fix my credit history!
    Thanks again!

  9. Greg

    I approached Repair My Credit Now with a 3 year old default from NAB/Credit Corp for a payment that was made in full and yet they still listed a default against me. I was told we would have a 70% success chance rate and we would know that within 4-6 weeks. 5 days later by default removal has been granted in record time and within just 7 days from engaging Repair My Credit Nows services. They have been absolutely brilliant. A legitimate service advocate and great communicators. Always available and ready to help. Thanks again and highly recommended.

  10. Anastacia Desente

    Great customer service. I am absolutely satisfied with the services by repair my credit especially with the assistance from Carmel who went through this we me from the start. Default was resolved earlier than expected. Great Job carmel. i will surely refer your company to friends.

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