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Loan or credit application denied? Many working Australians have black marks on their credit file, lowering their credit rating and preventing them from obtaining finance. Repair My Credit Now are experts at removing these marks to fix your credit rating and help you access the essential financing you need. We will take immediate action to have any overdue account (“payment default”), judgment, or other court action that you tell us about, removed from your credit file.

  1. If we are unsuccessful, despite you providing all the accurate information and background with evidence, we will guarantee you a refund to your step 2 fees.
  2. We will inform you immediately whether we have been successful in having the overdue account, judgment, or other court action listing removed from your credit file.
  3. We are truly independent – we only work with clients who have credit file issues. We do not try to talk you into other services, like high interest loans, or bankruptcy agreements.
  4. Our mission is to repair your credit file, get you a lender that will assist you in having your loans approved, and above all, enjoy the financial freedom that you deserve.

We know we can help you because – we have helped remove more than 4000 black marks from credit files – which means you are working with a team that’s helped thousands of Australians successfully repair their credit already. Repair your credit history with ease! To get us started, simply fill out the form and our credit repair specialist will contact you immediately.

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Hear from our Complex Case Manager & Founder: Dr Merri:


"had a court judgement and you cleared it quickly and furthermore i had the problem of dunn and bradstreet having the same judgement on file after it was cleared off veda, was knocked back by westpac as i was unaware of dunn and bradstreet having it listed and you jumped on it and had it cleared the same day, i have gone from getting finance at 27% then 22% and high broker fees before to now getting finance at 11% and low fees plus have a $2000 credit card through citibank, things were a battle for a while but the fight was worth it, the example was, at 22% and high broker fees was a loan of $8000 over 3 years and worked out at $15,642 dollars, nearly double!!! thank you repair my credit now"

- Andrew