We had signed a contract of sale for our dream block of land, we went to bed that night full of vision, happiness and excited anticipation – only to awaken the next morning with news from our brilliant finance broker informing us we had two writs on our credit file- although one was marked as paid, the other required further negotiation- both however- deeming us stagnant with the inability to borrow. Our dreams, spirit and direction shattered – on advise from our finance broker we contacted Repair My Credit Now. Immediately upon speaking with Laura, I felt there could possibly be light at the end of the tunnel- we let them take our burden on- I felt broken and hopeless and felt we had nothing left to lose.

We were surprised by the behind the scenes activity- we received emails to keep us constantly in the loop (some of which very much after hours eg. 10pm!), phone calls were ‘just touching base’, progress etc. We had an obvious deadline pending and the team worked tirelessly, efficiently and effectively to ensure our dream feasible and within reach.

Although they did not commit to an exact timeframe- they came in three weeks shy of the date we were contracted to.

We truly can not thank the entire team at Repair My Credit Now enough, we are grateful for their communication, the professionalism, knowledge, and advice displayed in all aspects as well as the ever important empathy throughout the entire process.

As a result, we now have a clean / judgement free credit file, a rejuvenated  mind frame, the possibility to finally obtain a business overdraft and a meeting with our finance broker for our dream home to become a reality 🙂

Thank you again,

Sandee & Tim.